Proposed veterans memorial vs a strip club

Liberal WI city delivers a slap in the face to veterans!

In Greendale, Wisconsin, the School Board is saying “No way!” to a proposed Veteran’s Memorial, because it would be across the street from a high school.

Too bad the propose memorial to honor veterans isn’t a strip club, so the city could fast-track approval.

After learning of this Liberal nonsense, a Marine veteran from Desert Storm took matters into his own hands.


In his dress blues, the Marine stood guard at the site, while hundreds of flags planted by the residents surrounded him.

“Let’s get this done. Let’s quit bickering over silly excuses and do the right thing for Greendale and its veterans.”

The vacant lot is owned by the school district, and  the School Board’s lame excuse it that they are worried about an increase in traffic by the school.

Nice try, Plutopians! We’re on to your dirty tricks. – TBS Management

Could it be they don’t want the students see people honoring our veterans?  After all, the progressive lesson is that all wars are the fault of  imperialist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic America.

Residents need to remember that they own the School Board, thus the land as well.  Let the people decide!

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