The real killer virus no one is talking about

Obama needed a whopper to help cover up a deadly by-product of his lax immigration policies.

The new EV-D68 virus has killed quite a few people, and was rolled into America on a red carpet.

Public knowledge of its source would have plunged the Dems ratings even more, as the only plausible blame for the disease is Obama’s lax border policy.

Thank God for Ebola, right? Ebola successfully took the focus off  the much more fatal illness. The EV-D68 virus has resulted in hospitals ERs and ICUs  in 40 states packed full with hundreds of infected kids  – some of whom have never recovered:

At least fifty people have been struck by polio-like paralysis, and nine deaths have been publicly reported, three of those being children.  Most of the dead have yet to be publicly identified.

Democratic leaders are bribing virologists with scientific grants, so the scientists will self-censure. Can’t have this information leaking out, as it could affect border policy an

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