Here’s a reason to RIOT!

As I discuss in my new book Race-Pimping: the multi-trillion dollar business of Liberalism, threatening to riot is a tactic of the Left.

The idea is to make your cause seem bigger, or at least badder than what might happen.

We need to take a page out of Alinsky, ergo Race-Pimping, and RIOT!

Obama can’t deny his strategy of legalizing the illegal, a very un-Constitutional move. Obama is testing the water. And we need to make sure he knows it’s BOILING HOT!

We must make Obama more uncomfortable than a preacher at a swingers convention.


If Conservatives begin threatening to burn down cities, and to storm the White House, the Left will back down. They know these tactics work.

It can work for us, and in our case we are RIGHT! Obama knows he can’t grant amnesty, and that his move is wrong on many levels. He has not had to care, because there has never been a threat of anything, except “attitude” for anything this tyrant has done.

We will march, and we will gather disgruntled students, blacks, women, the unemployed, the under-employed, unions, even disgruntled Latinos who get it, and we will FIGHT! We can make signs and slogans, even forego bathing for a few days to mimic the OWS crowd. They will not know who we are, as I will personally wear a dreadlocks wig.

Let’s SHOCK the Left with their own tactics!


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