Religion is finally fighting back!

When religion attacks! I say to these pastors: “It’s about time!”

Rogue pastors thumbed their noses at IRS rules and endorsed midterm candidates from the pulpit. These pastors want to be sued by the IRS to test First Amendment rights, and this nonsense of “separation of church and state.”

Why not fight, as Conservative-leaning churches (the real churches) don’t get paid to brainwash parishioners with socially acceptable secular dogma.

Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the IRS in 2012 for failing to enforce electioneering restrictions on churches. The group settled, being promised that  IRS would eventually take action.  The entity hasn’t so far.

Is the IRS avoiding suing the churches because they know they might lose if they have to defend their rules before the Supreme Court?

Me thinks so.

What part of the First Amendment do they not understand?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . .”

So get your Christian Conservative butts out there and get to talking. Support these pastors!


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