Republican Patsies & the Tea Party Playbook

If you think the Left threw the elections because they wanted the Republicans as patsies, you could not be more wrong.

History suggests this type of change happens in all two-term presidencies, though I think the Liberals would not want quite as dramatic a public flogging as they got on Nov 4. The idea around this change in Congress is the parties keep switching out, with the occasional perfect storm of the president having both houses of Congresses for his party.

I don’t believe it. I believe this dynamic can be changed, but it won’t come from politicians.


Politicians know this game. They set the rules. All this juxtaposing, so no one group is totally to blame, and voila; everybody keeps their jobs.

There are the occasional sacrificial lambs, but for the most part, the parties go unscathed. That’s why when a blood-bath like the Election of 2014 occurs, one must wonder what the end game is.

The only way for the people to win is for the Republicans to recognize what happened in this election. It is a repeat of the last two elections, save the rampant voter fraud in 2012. Three elections in a row the PEOPLE have spoken, with the latest being the most boisterous.

What each of these elections had in common was a motivated Conservative populace. The Republicans didn’t win, moreso than the Democrats lost.

So what next?

The one thing all politicians love is power. And the Republicans just got another dose. We must NOT rely on Republicans. By now, we all know that the Republicans are not really for us, they just tolerate us. For the time being, we need each other. But we the people are really in charge. We must rely on ourselves.

Resident Fox News curmudgeon and dyed-in-the-wool Liberal Bob Beckel said something profound as he was soaking his naughty bits in ice. He said that due to the overwhelming win by Republicans, they are no longer beholden to the Tea Party. Beckel is mostly wrong, but there is a hint of truth.

As long as we allow both parties to demonize the Tea Party, we are at the whim of the parties. In their own way they both use the Tea Party for their political shenanigans. Currently they set the narrative for the Tea Party. The ONE thing the Tea Party can change is how it is perceived.

The Left got a serious black eye in this last election, watching the vote of women, minorities, and Millennials dwindle. The Republicans have done nothing, except as I indicated earlier, which is to be the only other choice or “the lesser of two evils.” That is not a long-term strategy, and frankly the Republicans don’t know how to attract demographics outside their wheelhouse.

That’s where WE come in. Over the next two years, it is up to US to change politics. We must change the perception of the Tea Party by showing who we really are. It won’t take much, as simply doing something is more than Republicans. In short order we could have the Republicans begging to work with us.

That’s our plan.

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