Say goodbye to the Chisholms: the richest couple on welfare

I love stories of obvious liberalism, and this story about a welfare couple is a doozy.

A Minnesota couple who is on “assistance,” ergo welfare, collecting food stamps and other entitlements has been living on a yacht!

The Liberal is 62-year old, Colin Chisholm III, who pleaded guilty in a court hearing to theft by swindle and wrongfully obtaining public assistance. You know this deadbeat has been swindling the American taxpayer for most of his adult life!?

At some point, Chisholm noticed just how easy it is to get over on the system.


According to prosecutors, Chisholm and his wife, Andrea Chisholm, 54, illegally received more than $167,000 in public benefits from 2005 to 2012 before their benefits were terminated. The prosecutor said,

“What they did was abominable, stealing from the government and the taxpayers while living a luxurious lifestyle!”

Nonsense. What they did was “chili-pimping” when you think of all the money stolen by Congressmen. If only the Chisholms had just a bit more time, perhaps one of them could have run for Congress as a Democrat!

The coupled acquired a $1.2 million yacht–you read that right–and shortly thereafter applied for and received Minnesota welfare benefits. Hey, if it’s good enough for Al Franken, why not!?

And like John Kerry, the couple decided to park their yacht in a sanctuary state. Though the couple received Minnesota benefits for 28 months,  they resided on the yacht or in a Palm Beach, Florida, mansion.

Aside from their winter vacation home in Palm Beach, the Chisholms have been accused of living in two luxury homes in an upscale Minneapolis suburb while collecting benefits they were not entitled to. This couple has balls bigger than Hillary Clinton’s, and obviously read her book:

How to Survive while being Dead Broke!

Chisholm  admitted filling out forms that allowed the couple and their baby son to receive medical care, money, supplemental nutrition grants and other benefits.

I’m not sure what Colin Chisholm will get, but his wife Andrea pleaded guilty to one count of aiding and abetting the fraud, and was sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

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