Silly Negroes and their manufactured ghettos

The overwhelming majority of blacks are stellar people; part of the human race. Most blacks want what every other human wants, things like safe neighborhoods, good schools, real opportunity, and they are willing to earn it.

But then there are the silly Negroes. These would be the Ferguson terrorists the media referred to as “protesters.”

Select Ferguson on Google Images and you get pictures of a war zone. The amazing lie. I couldn’t even find a true representative picture of this picturesque little town.


Because of the nonsense of the silly Negroes, realty brokers in Ferguson predict that many homes could go up for sale early next year.

“There’s no question that we have people wanting to leave because of the unrest,” said Pearce Neikirk, a long-time real estate broker in Ferguson.

A number of real estate brokers expected “panic selling” after the shooting ignited violence and weeks of protests over the summer and fall, but that didn’t materialize, thank goodness. However,

The number of active listings among private sellers from August to October was down 22 percent from a year earlier at 211 houses, according to data from MORE Realtors, which sells homes in the St. Louis area. It was the smallest number of houses listed during that period since at least 2009.

By comparison, the average number of active listings was down about 7 percent on the year from January to July, prior to the shooting, and therein lies the bad news.

Prospective sellers in Ferguson appear to be waiting to list their properties in spring, when the residential real estate market usually picks up, according to some brokers.  These sellers are hoping that things in Ferguson return to some semblance of normal, and that they can get an optimal price by delaying.

Normally a situation like this would cause “white flight.” However in a town that is 70 percent black, there is not a lot of white flight left. One thing is clear: the people leaving are the more well-heeled, at least as far as Ferguson is concerned.

Private parties in Ferguson listed 72 homes and made eight sales last month, down from 89 listings and 11 sales in October 2013, according to MORE Realtors. The average median sale price last month was $66,500, up from $38,000 a year earlier. In other words, the more expensive homes are being sold, as the talented tenth leave are leaving the city to the sodomites.

Ferguson has seen a stark demographic shift in recent decades, going from an overwhelmingly white population in the 1970s to two-thirds African American today. With a population of 21,000 people, Ferguson has about 8,500 households. The median value of owner-occupied units from 2008 to 2012 was $95,300, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Ferguson is a town full of amazing black people. I only wish America could know the real Ferguson, and not the grotesque version depicted recently.

These very good people have tired of silly Negroes American and the world got to see, and this false notion given by the animals on display after the announcement of the Grand Jury verdict. It’s too bad that Obama, Eric Holder, Jay Nixon, Claire McCaskill, and Lacy Clay all Leftist Liberals don’t care about the citizens of Ferguson, and care more about the criminals. Make no mistake about it, America witnessed the beginning of the death of Ferguson MO.






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