Something positive comes out of Ferguson

Ferguson has taken a lot of heat, and wrongfully so. The Leftists financing the nonsense in Ferguson should be jailed. So seeing something good happen for Ferguson is a much needed change.

“I Love Ferguson” signs are all over the town. We were told by Ferguson Mayor that there are few people afraid to put the signs in their yard, but as our video shows, MANY people have the signs displayed.


The signs were dreamed up by the city’s former mayor, Brian Fletcher, 55, a week after the Aug. 9 death of Michael Brown provoked rioting in which businesses were burned out. Sales of “I Love Ferguson” merchandise have become a fund-raising tool intended to help the damaged businesses.

Sitting in the “I Love Ferguson” store that opened late last month, just down the street from the local police department that has been the site of repeated demonstrations, Fletcher said he started the campaign, with a few friends, hoping to spruce up the troubled city’s image.

Race-pimping Leftist profiteers love the look of boarded up stores. They like promoting the idea that Ferguson is like the South Side of Chicago, or inner city Detroit.

It’s not.

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