White Privilege: Bill Clinton vs Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby must be wishing he was a Liberal Democrat right about now.

While he is embroiled in scandal over the sudden emergence of all these women he supposedly raped, lecherous Leftist Bill Clinton is being considered for Mt. Rushmore!

There really is White Privilege…on the Left.


Nobody need go back that far to see that Bill Clinton hasn’t changed. I can only imagine the number of women who didn’t come forward about Bill Clinton, and not in fear of him: in fear of Hillary!

Bill Clinton who has been proven to be a first-class scoundrel and prolific philanderer is everywhere. He’s giving keynote addresses, $250,000 speaking engagements out the wazoo, honorary degrees, awards from women’s groups, and the list goes on.

But Cosby is under serious fire. Networks have cancelled The Cosby Show. His new show was cancelled, as were many of his comedy dates.

Universities have taken back their honorary degrees, and others are completely disassociating themselves from him. And all of this is on RUMOR! Not a scintilla of actual evidence, no blue dresses, nothing, nilch, nada.




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