Many gifted blacks in prison

Many black teens with the best potential for success end up in prison.

That may come as a shock to most people, because the narrative of the black teen is “thug.” It’s true. But the “thug culture” is not about color, but about circumstances.

Dr. Ben Carson speaks of his troubles as a young teen, and how he could have ended up in prison. What a crime that would have been?

I spoke recently with an acquaintance of mine, a white defense attorney, and he confided this very point to me. A man with years of experience in defending these young teens in their most dire of circumstances should know what their mindset is.


He touted the ingenuity of these young teens, their ability to survive in environments that most sane people would declare war zones: inner city black neighborhoods.

I have an acquaintance who was a drug dealer in the Bahamas. He built a drug-trafficking business that earned him hundreds of millions of dollars. He said to me that he went at his business hard, as if he had an Ivy League degree, and with all the cleverness of a Wall Street banker. He plans was always to not get arrested, and ultimately go legit.

He’s completely out of the drug business and now owns almost every business on a couple of islands in the Bahamas.

As long as he could stay out of jail, my friend was destined for success. He is a product of his environment, which in his case was watching his family members deal drugs, but just for survival. He revolutionized the “industry,” something he could have done in any business. He did what he knew, what he observed.

If you want to know why American business is struggling, it’s because it’s incestuous. Too many of the same ideas taught by the same professors or parents. What business needs is fresh outside ideas, and preferably from somebody hungry.

Hunger pangs create the want to never feel hunger again. That feeling is what built America, and made our country great. The bad news is that Liberalism has taken away that hunger, thus quelling those pangs.

For those who do feel the hunger, mostly young black teens, they are “caught up,” as we say in the vernacular. They may be gifted in finance, sales, distribution, but they use their powers for evil and not good. If you took one of these hungry, poor kids and put them in the right circumstances, America would feel that resurgence.

Black teens are not obtuse, and are in fact very observant. They want to be what they see, which is why many of them end up in prison. But many are amazingly gifted, and just need the right circumstances.

It’s time society recognize what will save America won’t come from silver spoon kids with Ivy League educations. It will come from kids from the street who still believe in the American Dream.




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