National Anthem: What American Blacks Can Learn from Foreigners [VIDEO]

Black Americans hate this country. Educated to be ignorant, blacks have obliged Leftists and now are openly racist and show equally open disdain for America.

I related a story where I attended a St Louis Cardinal’s baseball game, and when the national anthem was played, two young black women sat down. A white man confronted them, reminding them that the national anthem was playing. They told him the national anthem is not for blacks.

I watched ESPN, and former NFL player Charles Woodson argued that the national anthem’s author was a racist, so why would blacks want to stand for the song?

Needless to say, that’s an idiotic argument. Let’s say a medical procedure that could save one’s life was discovered by a racist, should black people want to use it.

Further, given that some blacks believe all whites are racist–white privilege and all–then are all white inventions unusable by blacks?

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Who knows when this idiotic notion became vogue, but there is no doubt who is responsible. But despite the Left’s attempt to export anti-American sentiment, they haven’t been able to accomplish it.

In a time when everybody seems to disrespect what it means to be American, watch what Usain Bolt does.

I have seen many Americans, particularly blacks, do nothing when the national anthem is played. And yet, here is a Jamaican sprinter who has the class to stop an interview, and pay tribute to Americans.

I an now an Usaniac!

This man showed the height of respect, when he could have easily kept doing the interview. Usain Bolt is a class act.



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