National Anthem: What American Blacks Can Learn from Foreigners [VIDEO]

Black Americans hate this country. Educated to be ignorant, blacks have obliged Leftists and now are openly racist and show equally open disdain for America.

I related a story where I attended a St Louis Cardinal’s baseball game, and when the national anthem was played, two young black women sat down. A white man confronted them, reminding them that the national anthem was playing. They told him the national anthem is not for blacks.

I watched ESPN, and former NFL player Charles Woodson argued that the national anthem’s author was a racist, so why would blacks want to stand for the song?

Needless to say, that’s an idiotic argument. Let’s say a medical procedure that could save one’s life was discovered by a racist, should black people want to use it.

Further, given that some blacks believe all whites are racist–white privilege and all–then are all white inventions unusable by blacks?

Who knows when this idiotic notion became vogue, but there is no doubt who is responsible. But despite the Left’s attempt to export anti-American sentiment, they haven’t been able to accomplish it.

In a time when everybody seems to disrespect what it means to be American, watch what Usain Bolt does.

I have seen many Americans, particularly blacks, do nothing when the national anthem is played. And yet, here is a Jamaican sprinter who has the class to stop an interview, and pay tribute to Americans.

I an now an Usaniac!

This man showed the height of respect, when he could have easily kept doing the interview. Usain Bolt is a class act.


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