Schools using “affirmative action” for discipline

So what a black kid gets in trouble in school. Surely there is a white kid to blame?

Affirmative action has now hit wackademia.

For the sake of “a moral and ethical imperative,” the Minneapolis school district will start race-based discipline. In other words, the district needs to know the race of kid before they will dole out “discipline.”

Every black, American Indian or Hispanic student who has a potential disciplinary issue will now be reviewed by Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson’s leadership team (who just happens to be black).

According to the local news:

Earlier this year, Johnson placed a moratorium on suspensions of pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners and first graders.
“It’s about reducing disproportionality of student suspensions,” Johnson said.  The moratorium has helped reduce suspensions by 50 percent.

<== If you stopped suspensions, well duh, the number will of course go down.

Now she wants to reduce suspensions by another 50 percent by 2016 by having her team review each suspension of students of color.
“Changing the trajectory for our students of color is a moral and ethical imperative, and or actions must be drastically different to achieve our goal of closing the achievement gap by 2020,” Johnson said.


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