More attempted police assassinations…crickets

There are people targeting police in as many as three separate incidents since the assassination of the two NYPD officers.

But the media hasn’t said a word.


From Twitchy:

WTDV in Raleigh reports that someone fired a shot through a glass door into a Durham police officer’s apartment Monday. Police say they’re unsure if the officer was specifically targeted.

That’s not all for Durham, though. WRAL reports that last Thursday night in Durham, N.C., a police officer filling out reports in his patrol car was shot at:

Police said Officer J.T. West was sitting in his patrol car, working on a report, when he saw two men approaching his car from behind.

As West got out of the car to speak to them, one of the men pulled out a gun and began firing, police said. The man fired six shots at West, striking the patrol car once.

West fired two rounds in return. Police said it wasn’t known if West wounded either of the men.

Sooper Mexican has more at The Right Scoop via ABC7 in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department has declared a citywide tactical alert after two suspects fired at a patrol car with a rifle Sunday night.

CNN reports:

Someone fired three bullets at two deputies with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office as they sat in their patrol car.

“Both deputies reported hearing the whizzing sound of each projectile as they flew by,” the sheriff’s office said. “Deputies did not see the suspect or the vehicle from which the shots were fired.”

Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to the person or persons who fired at the officers. Pasco County authorities are also searching for someone who spray-painted, “Shoot MP Cop” on a road barrier in Meadow Pointe, a subdivision.

The lamestream media doesn’t want you to know that the Leftist race-baiting and cop-hating has put police in danger all over America.

The devious plan is underway. Citizens will have to take care of themselves, and the shootings will go up.



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