Black athlete killed over nothing

A black Auburn football player was shot and killed at a party by a black man, after an argument over nothing.

There will be no “hands up, don’t shoot,” for this death, because it doesn’t involve a cop. Further, it’s just the typical nonsense that black teens die of at the hands of other young black men.


Think anybody will do the shot count on the death of red-shirted freshman Jakell Lenard Mitchell, 18, who died after being shot in the chest at an off-campus apartment complex?  It is the same complex where two former football players and a third man were shot to death outside a 2012 pool party.

I suggest the race pimps look into this racist, likely cop-housing apartment complex. It seems a lot of young black men are dying there.

What are the bad guys up to? The cops.

Auburn police arrested Markale Deandra Hart, 22, of Camp Hill, Ala., on murder charges. Hart was being held at the Lee County Jail on $150,000 bond. Police have not released a motive for the crime.

According to Mitchell’s girlfriend, Ayanna Huguley, 17, Mitchell was arguing with a man in the parking lot when a third man pulled a handgun.

“He had his gun like this and was looking at Jakell,” Huguley said of the suspect while holding her hand down at her waistband.

Apparently the young black gentle giant who shot Mitchell wanted him to know that he was armed…like a cop.

“He just started shooting. Jakell fell on the ground and he tried to get back up and run, and then he fell again. He started shooting at Jakell again while Jakell was on the ground.”

Hmm, no report on how many times Mitchell was shot, but as soon as we get this relevant information, we will update this report.

What we can report is that Sharpton will hold no protest over this death, and he won’t be picketing Markale Deandre Hart. There will be no federal investigation by Eric Holder, and Obama won’t say a word about this death.

But the cops have done their job, behind the scenes, as they do each and every day somewhere in a black community. The cops pick up the pieces, provide black families with the relief that the murderers of their children will receive in what used to be known as justice.

As for the argument, Mitchell’s girlfriend said she didn’t know what started the disagreement and doesn’t think Mitchell even knew Hart. The sad thing about black on black violence is it’s usually about nothing.

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