Britain solving immigration problem kicking and screaming

Immigrants are flocking to Britain but it’s not for British culture. You can be stuck up anywhere, right!?

What the new British immigrants want is some of that old British MONEY!

And that is why British Prime Minister David Cameron is threatening to get out the European Union, Europe’s equivalent of the Political Correctness Police.


What Cameron knows is that immigration is no longer about the best and brightest wanting opportunity, it’s just a money grab. So Cameron is proposing new restrictions on immigrants, who currently can freely enter Britain and jump right on the welfare system.

Cameron proposed recently that EU migrants in work to have to wait four years before they can access welfare benefits and for unemployed EU migrants not to be eligible for any help from the British state at all. This is a flip-flop from an earlier position. But Cameron didn’t come to this way of thinking on his own, as it is the people of Britain who are speaking up.

Polls show that immigration is voters’ top concern in Britain, and they want Cameron to take a tougher line on the issue. Like America, the Conservatives in Britain, ironically the equivalent of American’s Liberals and the party of Cameron fear the rise in popularity of the anti-EU UK Independence Party (think Tea Party). The Independence Party won its second seat in parliament this month, so the Brit Conservatives know this threatens their re-election chances.

What’s happening in Britain is what just happened in America, though Obama is behaving as if the opposite is true. The American taxpayers are tired of paying for the LAZY hungry and poor, the preferred immigrant of the Left.

What Obama should be doing is squeezing the hell out of illegals living in this country, many of whom do exactly what British immigrants are doing, things like deportation if you are not working and no welfare.

In Obama’s famous “amnesty” speech, he offered NO protection for American citizens, just platitudes for the millions who are crushing our economy. Obama is always looking for answers from Europe, well now he’s getting some.

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