Chicago Mayor’s son mugged in political ploy

Get a shotgun, Mayor Emanuel, then maybe your kid won’t get mugged?

We learned from a Kelly Quinn, spokeswoman for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel that his 17-year-old son Zach was mugged near the family’s home.

Pull my finger, as this “mugging” doesn’t pass the smell test for this black man, but here is what is being reported.


Chicago Police spokesman Thomas Sweeney didn’t name the victim but says police are investigating the attack Friday night near the mayor’s home.

Here what we do know. According to Sweeney by way of Zach, two males grabbed the victim, took his phone and fled.

The good news is his mugging didn’t get in the way of the family vacation to Chile over the past weekend, as his injuries weren’t that serious.

If this is what happened, let’s just set the record straight. The perps were either black teens or white crackheads. My bet is they were two black teens, because white crackheads are smart enough to work alone on this type of crime.

Two black teens on the other hand are stupid enough (thanks to Liberal miseducation) to think that a cell phone will provide enough money to split, when they redeem it at one of those “We will pay you for your phone” kiosks.

Now, as a conspiracy realists, I don’t think this crime happened as they say, if at all. This is because Emanuel is running for re-election in February, and he needs press…sympathetic press.

I think this was a staged mugging and here are my reasons.

  • First, his son being mugged would make Emanuel more “human,” if you can actually do that to a snake.
  • Further, as dumb as black criminals are (yes these staged perps are black), I can’t imagine they would not have stolen Zach’s bling, his wallet, and other cash on hand, along with his phone.
  • Next, two black men would have stuck out like Rosie O’Donnell tanning at an anorexic’s convention. The neighborhood would have been on HIGH alert, yes racially profiling.
  • Finally, Emanuel didn’t report who the perps were. Nice ploy to assuage the black population and not snitch.

Ghetto points in tact, the Emanuels can go to Chile for vacation.


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