Congress using Fast Track to screwing Americans

We expected the Democrats to do as much damage as they could before losing the Senate in January, but it appears some of the Republicans are on board with that.

Surely the epic November shellacking wasn’t all for naught, however the skinny is that Congress will soon allow Obama fast-track power for his administration to negotiate trade deals IN SECRET.

No need to hold off on the decision making process; it only affects deals covering two-thirds of the world economy.

Earlier this year, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) warned:

“They have to be secret, because if the American people knew what was actually in them, they would be opposed.”

Our yellow-backed Congress will once again cave in to the heavy lobbying by Wall Street, multinationals and outsourcers, all of whom have a financial stake in a free-trade deal. An Undemocratic Path to Unfair “Trade” by

Fast Track was an extreme and rarely-used procedure that empowered executive branch negotiators advised by large corporations to skirt Congress and the public and use “trade” agreements to rewrite policies that affect our daily lives – from the stability of our jobs to the safety of our food. Past “trade” deals rammed through Congress under Fast Track have empowered foreign corporations to attack domestic health and environmental policies, enabled pharmaceutical firms to raise medicine prices, and equipped banks with a tool to roll back financial regulation.
Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress is supposed to write the laws and set trade policy. For 200 years, these key checks and balances helped ensure that no one branch of government had too much power. But, over the last few decades, presidents have seized those congressional powers using the Fast Track mechanism.

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