Congressional Black Caucus: America’s race pimp collection

If your father and uncle were assassinated in the civil rights era of the 60’s, you’d think you know a little about race pimping.

So when Dr. Alveda King discusses the hands up display in Congress by the Congressional Black Caucus, she knows the antics of race pimps.

The CBC is long on antics, but short on solutions, like high unemployment, broken families, abortions, health problems, and the myriad of other problems plaguing the black community in disproportionate numbers.

As Dr. King said,

“They’re not doing anything to really resolve those issues and the really never have… these types of actions without solutions are not going to help.”

Dr. King then points out that this hands up display is just going to stir up the emotions of the people without offering any solutions. Solutions are what are needed.

How about encouraging men to get married and be monogamous? How about encouraging a ‘can do’ mentality instead of a victim mentality?

Can’t do that, as there is too much moneyfor the race baiters.

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