Cop in trouble for tweets

San Jose police officer Phillip White has committed the ultimate sin after responding to the protesters calling for the death of policemen.

White tweeted that he would defend himself.

Anybody seeing the irony of a cop named “White”, tweeting that he would defend himself from the people who believe that only “#Black Lives Matter?”

Hard to believe that White wants cops’ lives to matter. How many Leftists would go to their jobs, if they could get killed and nobody cared?



What happens in the crazy Leftist America, when a cop proclaims that he will fight back?

White was suspended from the police force. But that wasn’t enough for this underpaid civil servant, as he was fired from his second job as a coach.

The people to whom White reports, those who are supposed to vouch for him, well they have tucked their tails between their legs and begged forgiveness for having such a horrible person on their payroll.

“It is extremely important for the community to know the comments made on Officer White’s private social media account do not reflect the thoughts or feelings of the men and women here at the San Jose Police Department,” San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel said.

And the Left wonders why people don’t want to be cops?!

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