Cubans can keep a whole 8 PERCENT of their income

Perhaps this is Obama’s fascination with Cuba?

Talk about working for da MAN! According to Havana Times,

Cubans working for firms with foreign capital on the island received a bucket of cold water Tuesday when a new resolution published in the official Gazette fixes their salaries at only 8% of what the joint venture or foreign companies must pay the government in hard currency for their services.


Think that’s bad news. Wait…it gets worse!

The announcement published by Granma daily quotes Vice-minister of Labor and Social Security, Zamira Marín Triana, as saying the new wage involves a “significant increase” for workers.

Did you get that? Not just an increase…going to 8 percent represents a significant increase in what the people who actually DO the work get to keep.

It’s not wonder Obama LOVES Cuba!

Taxes are so bad for Cubans, the government announced back in Oct there would be an area where people can keep about 40 percent of their real wages, before taxes. The area is for foreign companies, and is called Mariel Special Development Zone.

Because of the government announcement, the other Cubans working at foreign companies figured they would get the same benefit. Yeah…a communist country would suddenly give something back?! Silly brown people!

Because foreign companies know how things work in communist countries, it’s customary for foreign firms to pay employees “under the table,” in order to keep good employee. These companies have to do something technically illegal, in order to make sure their employees can eat. Yet the Left is all about Big Government.

Imagine confiscating 90+ percent of the salaries of all your workers and instead of building an island paradise, you have an island craphole.

Viva la Castro…NOT!


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