Democrat Governor abandoning ObamaCare

Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody who is now backtracking on ObamaCare would have to go to JAIL!

How about we do that for all legislation, requiring Congress or the president to vote or sign under penalty of PRISON!

Well the governor of Vermont is a good candidate.


Calling it the biggest disappointment of his career, Democrat Gov. Peter Shumlin said recently that he was abandoning plans to make Vermont the first state in the country with a universal, publicly-funded health care system.

 “Going forward with a project four years in the making would require tax increases too big for the state to absorb,” Shumlin said.
Say it ain’t so! The measure had been the centerpiece of Shumlin’s agenda, and Vermont was to be the poster child of single-payer healthcare for the entire country.
I say, “IT STILL IS!”

“I am not going (to) undermine the hope of achieving critically important health care reforms for this state by pushing prematurely for single payer when it is not the right time for Vermont,” Shumlin said to reporters and two boards advising him on health care changes.

Legislation Shumlin signed in 2011 put the state on a path to move beyond ObamaCare by 2017 to a health care system more similar to that in neighboring Canada. Shumlin adopted the mantra that access to quality health care should be “a right and not a privilege.”

Well that “right” would have broken the back of Vermont taxpayers, as it showed the plan would require an 11.5 percent payroll tax on businesses. Then the new plan would would add an additional income tax increase of up to 9.5 percent. Small business owners would be hit with both taxes.

The governor said he had asked his health care team for alternative designs, but no one could come up with a plan to offer quality coverage at an affordable cost.

“The bottom line is that, as we completed the financing modeling in the last several days, it became clear that the risk of economic shock is too high at this time to offer a plan I can responsibly support for passage in the Legislature,” the governor said.

The decision was welcomed by some members of a Business Advisory Council that Shumlin had appointed to provide feedback on proposed health changes.

“My health care costs would have gone up by 61 percent if that plan had gone through,” said Win Smith, president and owner of the Sugarbush ski resort. “If there were that 9 percent (income tax) on employees, many would have been paying more than they’re paying now. It would have been a lose-lose. So I’m not unhappy that that plan is not going forward.”

Finally a dose of SANITY has hit a Liberal. People of Vermont should question all the other policies of Shumlin, given his mea culpa on this supposedly landmark legislation. They should also ask him, “When did you become a RACIST!”


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