Don’t all lives matter

When I see “Black lives matter,” my mind immediately jumps to “Don’t all lives matter?!”

One guess of the race of a 12-year old kid who was executed with a bullet to the head because of his race.

That’s what happened to Savannah Georgia child, Keith Passmore.

Savannah GA. The Deep South. Where black people are killed indiscriminately, right?

But this potential hate crime will get no media coverage, 12-year old Passmore was white, and his executioner was a black man. Just another statistic that validates just how dangerous young black men are, and not just to other black people.

What was the reason this black gentle giant on his way to college shot the 12-year old?

The 12 year old had attended a birthday party for a black kid on November 22nd. He was in a truck with 20 year old Christopher Martin, when a black male, dressed in all black, approached the truck, banged on the passenger door and said “open up.”

Martin told the boy to not open the door and started the vehicle, at which point the gunman opened fire.

Martin hit the gas, and when he reached what he thought was a safe distance, he yelled to the Passmore, who didn’t answer and was slumped over in the passenger seat.

The police have questioned everyone at the party, there has been a wall of silence in the mixed race neighborhood.

He was the third child shot that week, and the second fatality: a bullet hit two-year-old Kiaja Smalls in her sleep; two days later, a gun shot grazed a six-year-old girl walking to school.

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