Executive Orders or Memorandum: A turd by a different name

Josh Earnest has the dirtiest job in DC. He is spokesperson for the snake oil salesman Liberals call “Mr. President.”

Barack Obama has given new meaning to lying, so the job of his spokesperson is to try to make people believe the lies.

Obama says he has shown discretion with his Executive Orders. He has issued fewer than the white guys. So in questioning Josh Ernest, reporter Ed Harris points out that Obama’s claim that the White House did less executive orders than his predecessors in the last 100 years (195), is not quite true. There is fine print.

There are Executive Memorandums, which are basically the same thing.

Earnest tries to give a technical detail about how these things are applied, but the result is the same – they are orders meant to bypass Congress.

Obama issued 198 of them, bringing the total to 393.

After Earnest realized that Harris wasn’t going to buy his bull, he tried to redirect blame to the Republicans.

“He has sought to move the country forward… in the face of congressional inaction.”

In other words, Obama is attempting to legislate around Congress. A turd by another name still smells the same.

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