Exposing racists of ALL colors

Looking for members of the KKK is exasperating because those knuckle draggers hide in polite society. So when a Klan member is exposed, America celebrates.

Our team popped the cork recently when Fruitland Park Deputy Chief David Borst in Florida resigned and another officer was fired after the FBI reported that both belonged to the Ku Klux Klan.

The 49-year-old Borst, a department veteran of more than 20 years, resigned after being confronted with the FBI report.


Officer George Hunnewell, who was demoted last year over performance and attitude complaints, was fired Friday by Chief Terry Isaacs.

The state attorney’s office is reviewing every arrest made by the officers and giving particular scrutiny to cases involving minorities, Isaacs said.

It is the second time in five years that Klansmen have been found in the Fruitland Park Police Department. In 2009, Officer James Elkins resigned after photographs showed him in a white robe and pointy hood, and he later admitted he was a leader of the local KKK.

I am overjoyed that these assholes have been “outed,” and particularly since they were in law enforcement, as there is no place for scumbags like this in law enforcement. But the dirty work is not over.

Now it’s time we “outed” the racists in plain sight, like members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the New Black Panther Party, the NAACP…oh, let’s just make it simple: Liberal Democrats!

We live in a time when black racists are vocal about their activities, even at the highest level. Holder won’t prosecute cases where blacks have wronged white people’s civil rights, the New Black Panthers shout about “killin’ cracka babies,” and the NAACP and CBC are constantly demanding America see justice through the prism of blackness.

We have a black Klan that running rampant and it’s just as insidious and foul as the other Democrat Klan, yet nobody says a word.

If we are getting rid of the Klan, let’s not make a distinction based on color. The entire CBC should be kicked out of Congress, the NAACP considered a hate group – though they allow “token” whites to act as cover for their racist nonsense – and there is little doubt the New Black Panthers are not only racist, but terrorists to boot. NONE of these groups operate under the cover of darkness, pardon the pun.

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