Fed issues racial profile rules with exceptions

Eric Holder’s legacy will be to have ended racial profiling…with these exceptions!

Leave it to some lamebrain bureaucrat to impose new guidelines, and promptly issue exceptions that prove the guidelines sucked to begin with.

And that just what racist Attorney General Eric Holder has done, as the Fed issued new racial profiling guidelines that must be observed by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, except federal agents who guard the border and screen passengers at airports will be exempt.


So tactics that obviously work good enough to protect airports and borders is suddenly racist once somebody arrives INSIDE the United States?

The announcement expected in the coming days regarding racial profiling, according to Obama administration officials would curtail numerous federal agencies from considering factors such as religion and national origin during investigations.

Bush got the law enforcement community working together with the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, and Obama is quietly dismantling it.

The new guidelines apply to federal law enforcement agents but aren’t binding on local police departments whose officers who are more likely to have day-to-day contact with community members.¬†So this means, in matters of potential national security, the feds involved in securing the nation will have to ask state or local authorities to “profile.”

What Holder has done is given [insert ethnicity here] thugs and radical Muslims a license to steal or bomb, whichever they prefer. And this overreach is based on the nonsense of a black thug getting himself killed by robbing a convenience store and attacking a cop.

When will Conservatives make miserable the lives of racist elitists like Holder and Obama?


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