Ferguson transcript: Dorian Johnson told lies, lies and more lies

From ignorant protesters to race pimping politicians and political pundits, they’ve all essentially admitted that the facts are irrelevant when it comes to to Michael Brown.

Now Dorian Johnson’s statements have been released and it reveals even more lies. SHOCKING!

Dorian Johnson insisted that he witnessed Officer Darren Wilson shoot Brown in the back.  Transcripts of his testimony revealed that he admitted that he never saw a bullet strike Brown in the back.

In fact, ALL of Johnson’s testimony has been determined to be lies, including “hands up, don’t shoot.”




Johnson lied to local police and the FBI, and so did all the other black witnesses who finally told the truth the Grand Jury. The truth doesn’t matter to Liberals.

Black Liberals are taught to lie. They lie to their parent (yes, singular), teachers, cops, friend, society. They are taught that lying is better than telling the truth.

The lie will set you free!

For Liberals, the LIES is what gets you ahead.

What should have landed Johnson in jail, all those lies instead have landed Johnson a job with the the city under a state grant (taxpayer dollars). And the lies continue.

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