For Al Sharpton: ‘The Fight Ain’t NEVER Over’

Nobody was happier that Eric Garner was a black man than that race pimping Al Sharpton.

The moment the New York Grand Jury announced the “not guilty” verdict in the Eric Garner incident, Sharpton sucked paper leaving Ferganistan, and like a locust, Sharpton headed to the new, more fertile crop to strip.

Recently Sharpton preached at the same St. Louis church where Michael Brown’s funeral service was held.  Sharpton said Officer Darren Wilson’s resignation was not the objective in finding justice for the shooting death of Brown:

A few days later, Sharpton was preaching in front of another group of cameras, thanking God for the death of another black man by cop. No Justice, No Peace!

Everybody knows if Garner were white, Sharpton would still be pimping in Ferguson, still trying to get blood from that turnip. The timing was perfect, when it comes to the race-baiting calendar.

And as Sharpton said, “The fight ain’t over.” In fact, “The fight ain’t NEVER over,” as Sharpton and his ilk have trained black youths to keep these types of tragedy occurring.  They have trained these young men to challenge cops, and the cops will continue to do their jobs, which will lead to more death.

At least Liberal Democrats created a few jobs, especially at the funeral homes.

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