Check out what France said!

France is getting a hard lesson, as French President Francois Hollande figures out that communism sucks!

He has had to back off of his lax policies on welfare, immigration, and many other idiotic communistic ideas. This hasn’t made him popular in France, but he’s becoming a hit in Africa!

In what looks like a page from the Tea Party Handbooks, Hollande recently warned African leaders against trying to modify constitutions to stay in power.

Hollande said that others should learn from the forced departure of Burkina Faso’s president Blaise Compaore, and he could just have easily invoked Obama’s ass kicking in the election of 2014; the American equivalent of a coup!

Hollande, who heads to Senegal on Friday for a summit of French-speaking nations, including from West Africa, is trying to balance managing Paris’ regional interests, its colonial past, but also its desire to push for greater democracy.

“The departure of Blaise Compaore can serve as a lesson to a lot of leaders, not just African ones,” Hollande said in an interview to France 24 TV channel. “You don’t change the constitutional order for personal gain,” he said

Changing the Constitution for personal gain is exactly what Barack Obama is doing in the United States.

It’s hard to believe that the French could be offering advice to the “leader of the free world,” however in this case, Hollande offers good advice. Barack Obama should heed Hollande’s word, as Obama continues to push ObamaCare, illegal immigration, and a host of other non-Constitutional ideas.

As my grandmother would say, when I got a bit sassy: The butt you save may be your own.


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