Gay Mafia has NOTHING on THIS Mafia

Just because you have a business doesn’t make it yours; at least not when there is a Gay Mafia!

There is an update in the case of the farmer who didn’t want his private home used for gay weddings, and that is: it’s not about GAYS, it’s about MONEY!

Liberty Ridge Farms is the residence of Robert and Cynthia Gifford, who host events on their property; occasionally they allow wedding ceremonies in the house they live in.

The Catholic couple does not condone gay marriage so they refused the request of a Lesbian couple Melisa Erwin and Jennie McCarthy. Although the Lesbian couple picked a different venue at which to marry, they sued the Giffords, and were recently awarded $3,000.

A number was placed on the aggrieved, and life could return to normal, right?

The government doesn’t care what special interest wants to whine about your business, as long as they get paid. And that’s what happened in the case of The Farmer in the Gay Dale.

The New York Division of Human Rights and New York Administrative Law Judge Migdalia Pares Gifford wagged their fingers and told the Giffords they committed a human/civil rights crime.  How?  They declared the Giffords’ home a “mixed use” building, since wedding ceremonies are held inside it. Because of the designation, the couple must honor all requests.

With this ruling, the Giffords couldn’t turn down a gang of Guatemalans crashing the Gifford’s family reunion. But I digress, as there is more to the story.

Besides the $3,000 given to the Lesbian couple, the Giffords had to hand over $10,000 to the city.

That’s right! The “ladies” get THREE GRAND, and the city gets TEN GRAND!

And you thought it was about LGBT rights?


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