Gov’t corruption under Obama out of control

There is no doubt that government has become more corrupt under Obama. Far more corrupt.

Scandal after scandal, followed by cover-up after cover-up. There is little doubt to me that Obama’s administration spends more time trying to hide their evil activities than working towards the betterment of America.

Here is yet another agency where corruption runs rampant, as reported in The Examiner.

The Department of Homeland Security‘s special agent in charge of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) is facing three years in federal prison for his role in falsifying government records and obstruct an internal inspection. The sentence was meted out on Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen of the Southern District of Texas, according to a Justice Department report.

The Obama administration witnessed a spike in DHS corruption investigations.


Courtesy of the Nat’l Assoc. of Chiefs of Police

According to the Department of Justice, Special Agent in Charge (SAIC) Eugenio Pedraza headed a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) office that investigated alleged misconduct and criminality at other government agencies. “[SAIC] Pedraza attempted to impede and obstruct the investigation of his own office,” said Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell. “Pedraza’s criminal conduct resulted in the premature closing of criminal cases without resolution, potentially endangering our national security and allowing others to escape justice. We will root out and prosecute corruption wherever it may be found, including within the ranks of federal law enforcement.”

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