Updated: Exactly who can do “Hands up” gesture?

Corrections 12/11/14:   continuity and names have been corrected.  I apologize for the egregious errors.  Yvonne Dean-Bailey is a well-respected reporter from Campus Reform.  The editorial was written by another person at  freequincy.com in regards to the school’s protest in August.  Ms. Dean-Baily objectively reviewed the December 1st protest.   In retaliation for her report, she has been verbally attacked and threatened.

The “Michael Brown” movement has Liberals coming unglued.

These lunatics were barely hanging on in their drug-crazed, paranoid Liberal-diseased minds, and then they had to deal with the non-event of Michael Brown!

With nonsense being the Liberal trademark, one would think the death of cop-attacking thug would keep these morons singing on the same sheet of music for some time. However the frail fabric of Liberalism is already fraying.

Students and faculty at the University of Massachusetts joined in on the National December 1st protest to protest the non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.

A white student suggested via Facebook that her ethnicity should not protest in the same manner blacks are.  She referenced a scathing editorial written by Mwende Katwiwa of freequencyspeaks.com.

Katwiwa preached how white people did not have the right to do the hands-up gesture since they did not understand what it was like to be black.  If they wanted to participate in the protests they needed to keep their hands down and mouths shut.

Yvonne Dean-Bailey,  poli-sci student and writer for CampusReform, objectively reported on the December rally.  She included the information regarding whites.

Somehow finding  Ms. Dean-Bailey’s report offensive, a group of  liberal students posted a letter of her door accusing her of being “hateful, transphobic, homophobic, racist and close minded.”  She was told to take her views and go elsewhere, and similar views were posted on social media.

Nonetheless, I wonder if Ms. Katwiwa will write another editorial admonishing these non-blacks in San Diego walking-out:

For the past several years, anyone who has not agreed with Obama, Democrats, liberals, and so on have been demonized.  Now the demonizers are sleeping in beds they made themselves.

In response to the attack, CampusReform reporter Kaitlyn Schallhorn stated:

These women are not empowering each other or honing their own voices. They’re creating a homogenous liberal echo chamber where only the sounds of chosen voices can ring out without fear.

From IJR:

This isn’t liberalism, this is intellectual bullying and reflexive groupthink. It’s getting to the point where people can’t even stand having their worldview challenged without lashing out with anger and hatred at the messenger. The people with the “miniscule worldview” – well, that’s pretty self-evident, isn’t it?




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