Hillary Clinton Incorporated

Hillary Clinton, Inc and the fact that Hillary Clinton is an idiot are the reasons Hillary will not be the Democrat’s nominee for president…period!

The more you learn about Hillary, the more you have to shake your head.

You have to admire her for knowing how to play the game. No woman in history has played it better, given the cards she was dealt. Let’s face it; Bill Clinton is a handful. He’s charming, but keeping Bill’s pecker in his pants had to be a full-time job.

Hillary can play the “stand by your man” woman, but anybody with a brain knows that her loyalty was not for Bill, but for Hillary. Hillary Clinton loves power.

With power comes money, and Hillary Clinton’s greed is boundless.

Amazingly, Clinton complains about tuition as she makes money hand over fist speaking AT COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES.


According to the Wall Street Journal

“Hillary Clinton is scheduled to deliver a paid speech in March 2015, a point on the calendar that raises questions about when she will announce her decision on running for president and whether she intends to leave the Democratic Party uncertain of her plans until next spring…it would seem unlikely that she would be an announced candidate for president and still be delivering paid speeches. Were she to do that, she would open herself to criticism that her interests are divided. She would also be vulnerable to criticism that private interests were trying to curry favor with a potential president of the U.S. by paying her speaking fees. Such considerations would suggest that she won’t announce her candidacy until at least the spring of 2015 — after she is done with her paid speeches.”

So either Hillary doesn’t plan to run for president, or she is a greedy witch who is still testing the waters.

But good luck explaining how she has taken millions of dollars in speaking fees from hedge funds managers, bankers, car dealers and other big-business groups, like Goldman Sachs, the Carlyle Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the National Association of Realtors, and the US Green Building Council, among many others.

If you think a Hillary Clinton speech is worth $300,000, they you have the intellect of a zombie. These are political payoffs.

Hillary says that her speaking fees are donated to charity, which surprising to us all is The Clinton Foundation. Here again, Hillary is going to offer a lot of fodder for her opposition, as they take a deeper dive into Hillary’s charity.

Last year the Clinton Foundation racked up $8.448 million in travel expenses. That’s not Motel 6 money, and in fact, you could BUY a hotel for that kind of cheddar. But it gets worse, when you analyze the origins of the Clinton’s money; foreign governments, big business, political heavy hitters, and who knows who else.

As the New York Times reported:

Saudi Arabia alone gave to the foundation $10 million to $25 million, as did government aid agencies in Australia and the Dominican Republic. Brunei, Kuwait, Norway, Oman, Qatar and Taiwan each gave more than $1 million. So did the ruling family of Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Foundation, both based in the United Arab Emirates, and the Friends of Saudi Arabia, founded by a Saudi prince.

Also among the largest donors were a businessman who was close to the onetime military ruler of Nigeria, a Ukrainian tycoon who was son-in-law of that former Soviet republic’s authoritarian president and a Canadian mining executive who took [Bill] Clinton to Kazakhstan while trying to win lucrative uranium contracts.

Hillary (and all the other Clintons) will have a lot ‘splaining to do.

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