Holder’s selectively racist police investigations

Cops shoot bad guys. And it’s not just white cops shooting bad black guys, as black cops shoot bad guys too.

Yet, it seems Eric Holder’s Department of InJustice is quick to evaluate when a white cop shoots a black man.

Has anybody even checked to see if Holder is investigating any cases of black cops shooting anybody?

As reported by ABC, after county prosecutors announced they won’t charge a white former Milwaukee police officer in connection with the killing of a black man in April, the U.S. Department of Justice said today that it will review the case for possible civil rights violations.


Earlier, the county prosecutor determined that the shooting was a justified use of deadly force in self-defense, because 31-year old Dontre Hamilton, the perp was shot 14 times by Officer Christopher Manney, after the two got into a violent struggle in a downtown Milwaukee park.

According to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm,

“But, based on all the evidence and analysis presented in this report, I come to the conclusion that Officer Manney’s use of force in this incident was justified self-defense and that defense cannot be reasonably overcome to establish a basis to charge Officer Manney with a crime.”

Case closed? Not for race-baiting Holder and his minions:

The Justice department will “undertake a federal review of this case to determine if, under federal civil rights law, there is a basis, both legal and factual, upon which a federal civil rights prosecution may be premised,” the U.S. attorney said in a statement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin and the Civil Rights Division will conduct the review.

These Leftist commies believe America is in the 60’s. They also conveniently forget that that injustice being dealt out during that time can from the Democrat Party.

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