How Barack Got His Transparency Groove Back

It only took Obama six years to achieve “transparency.”  And guess who Obama picked to make “transparent?”

If you guessed the backroom dealings of ObamaCare, then you are mistaken; and obviously have a sense of humor. As we have learned from Professor Gruber, Obama buried lots of things he didn’t want the ignorant public to know about.

Thankfully the techniques used by the CIA apparently don’t need the “behind the curtain” tactics of the super-secret dealing of ObamaCare. Ironically, with ObamaCare only the American public was tortured. After all, the CIA only DEPENDS on secrecy in its dealings in order to protect the nation.

I’m sure America can see why Obama picked NOW to showcase his commitment to transparency and OUT our super-secret spy agency.


Regardless of how you feel about the tactics used to interrogate terrorists, one has to wonder why a president would expose the people who protect all of us. What would you do to protect the nation, if you knew that someone had information that would save lives?

Isn’t that the priority of the president, and in fact his first priority? Exactly how would outing the CIA accomplish this?

I know, I keep asking the same question. So perhaps we need to ask ourselves a different question. Like, “Why doesn’t Obama protect the people who serve America?” Or perhaps, “Why does Obama go so far out of his way to help those who wish to do harm to America?”

One thing is for sure, Obama has found his transparency groove, and it shines the spotlight directly on him.


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