Hardball question: How Obama selects his peeps?

Why does the White House bother to have press briefings, as they are a joke. Occasionally however, a reporter puts them on the hot seat.

That’s what Fox News reporter Jonathon Karl did recently with Josh Earnest, as Karl asks this question of Ambassador appointee soap opera producer Colleen Bell:

“What are Colleen Bell’s qualifications? Is it because she’s a soap opera producer? Is it because she helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Obama campaign?”

Josh Earnest just does his usual Step n’ Fetchit: [pp] “Well, the president thinks she’d do a good job.”

Karl doubles down, asking if Earnest will admit that Bell’s fund raising ability is probably what landed her the job. Earnest refuses to answer.

It’s time for payback, and Bell will have plenty of money and stories. That’s because the Obama administration is a soap opera.

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