Leftist Narrative on would-be cop killer: He was a good boy

The narrative is already being set, as many ignorant terrorists are already protesting the RIGHTFUL shooting of Antonio Martin.

The Left has an excuse for everything, including a black teen raising his 9mm weapon to shoot a cop. And I will get to his record (which I predicted) in a bit.


Here’s what we now know about Antonio Martin.

He was the oldest of four children born to Toni Martin-Green and Jerome Green.

“He’s like any other kid who had dreams or hopes,” said Green. “We loved being around him. He’d push a smile out of you.”

According to an interview in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Green described his son as a “follower” who medication for being hyperactive.

“It was hard for him to focus,” Green said.

Sure. If we believe the narrative, Martin was going to see his girlfriend, then lost focus, picked up his homeboy, and decided to rob a store.

“In the last year, he was really trying to find who he was. He was ready to take the world on,” the father said. “He knew he had parents who love him. He had that support.”

Martin’s parents acknowledged that their son has been arrested before and had “stumbled in the past.”


According to police say Martin had a criminal record, with charges including three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action, and multiple uses of weapons since he was 17. That’s not stumbling; that’s doing a Louie off the Empire State Building.

He was not a violent person, to our knowledge,” he added. “Around us there weren’t any pistols. It’s hard to believe that.”

His grandmother, Margret Chandler, was also in disbelief.

“When he was around me, he knew to do right,” she said. “Why would he pull out a gun against the police? That’s the thing I don’t get. It just doesn’t add up.”

I’d really like somebody to explain to me how a “child” could have a record like this and the parents and grandparents be oblivious?

The idea this family wants America to believe this is insane. And that’s what Liberals are very good at. Being insane.


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