Liberal Professor bans Conservative viewpoint

Liberal Professors don’t even bother allowing intellectual debate anymore.  They don’t have time for that!

So they limit their curriculum to one-sided pro-liberal lessons. It explains why Millennials have no clue on how to have a balanced, informed discussion about anything.

Case in point:  A University of Minnesota professor of American Indian Studies class instructed the students to create a video supportive of one of the following topics:

  • Indian mascots should be banned from sports.

  • The state of MN should apologize to Ojibwe and Dakota people for the genocidal policies

  • Land should be returned to the Dakota and/or Ojibwe people within the state of MN

  • The state of MN should have a truth telling forum

Instructions stated “You have to stick with the theme I gave you. You cannot give a counter argument.”

Exposure to comedian Michael Loftus offers a cure for the young Obamabots:

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