Liberals: Non-racist whites are virtually nonexistent

The anti-white movement has been around for decades, and it grows larger every day. One has to wonder why?

The movement is run by black sellouts who depend on the very whites they despise. Ah, but it is the whites who control these blacks.

It’s ironic that the white Liberals who are in control know that by decrying “self” they can remain in power.

Thus they promote the concept of “white privilege.” They allow stupid blacks to promote the idiocy that if you are white, you can’t see racism. Further, racism certainly can’t apply to you.

The outcome is that black Liberals have become the biggest racist in America, which is how the game gets played. Because one day America will wake up to the nonsense of political correctness, and see these blacks for what they really are.

Here a black judge admits he is anti-white and condemned an innocent white man to prison. Talk about making the black RACE PIMPS proud:

Here are a few quotes on racism: 

Random black blogger

Yes, white people are racist, they are brainwashed and so privileged that they can’t accept that they are racist. There some awesome white people who arent racist but they are.few and far between. This is racist just sayin yall arent racist. Its gross, most white people gross me out, not all. Its from personal experience

Claudia Horowitz, a spiritual/social activist and interim director of Houston’s Rothko Chapel, writes on London’s website openDemocracy,

“What Are White People to Do?” They need to “to dismantle a system of white supremacy that permeates every corner of our legal, economic, political, relational and cultural lives.

 Kevin Abel

“Seven white people don’t have a right to discuss the problems of race in America without peering within and acknowledging that we are most certainly part of the problem and the solution.”

Jim Sleeper, author of Salon article:

 Some of the angry white crowd “are as angry at moralizing, liberal whites as they are at blacks –it’s taking increasingly murderous and perverse turns that won’t be deflected by liberal moralizing.

Liberals often deplore first responders’ father-son unions as racist and sexist, “free-market” apostles of quarterly bottom lining had deplored these men’s working conditions as “economically incorrect,” too, because they were governed by rules, rights, loyalties and honor codes that had been nourished since childhood in parish sports leagues and parochial schools and that reminded observers of medieval guilds — a far cry from the competitive, atomizing ethos of the money managers and minions they rushed in to save on 9/11.

2008 Republican National Convention. Its presidential candidate John McCain acceptance speech was interrupted repeatedly, unnervingly, by a large contingent of young men who physically resembled firefighter and cops and army sergeants buffoonish, boorish chanting of “Yoo Es Ay! Yoo Es Ay! Yoo Es Ay!”

 Whites have been two-faced about race:  They can cheer Tiger Woods or Colin Powell (or, until recently, Bill Cosby) unreservedly and insist that their daily discrimination in their neighborhoods and workplaces is driven only by hard market realities and real, undeniable dangers from blacks broken by richer whites who insulate themselves from the racially inflected consequences of economic policies they design and promote. 




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