Liberals are Jethro-stupid on ObamaCare

Jonathan Gruber can’t “Obama” his way out of what he said, nor should he be allowed to.

That sucker had the gall to lie again in his so-called apology.

This because Gruber is right. Liberals are Jethro-stupid! Why try to walk that back, particularly by trying to convince us that a PhD from MIT is stupid!

I behaved badly, and I will have to live with that, but my own inexcusable arrogance is not a flaw in the Affordable Care Act.


Lies again because the liberal idiots took his advice and implemented it in the job killing, economy busting  law that is Obamacare.

Legal Insurrection reports that Gruber admitted in 2012 that his model had a catastrophic flaw:  it couldn’t predict the impact of making the insurers accept everyone, pre-existing conditions be damned.

From Legal Insurrection:

In Gruber’s closing paragraph he tries to say “It’s me, not Obamacare!” He is willing to fall on his sword for the greater good.

Any attacks on Gruber from the left would be following the same playbook Gruber himself is following: It’s Gruber, not Obamacare! Don’t blame Obamacare, which is good; Gruber’s the villain!

Here’s what he said to the State of Colorado [in 2012]:

“It is important to recognize some limitations in our modeling of prices. In particular, given publicly available data we cannot incorporate the effects of the ban on pre-existing conditions exclusions. This ban will cause a rise in premiums as insurers are forced to cover conditions that they had previously excluded. In addition, there are new premium taxes on insurers that will raise premium rates…Overall, we cannot predict the net impacts of these factors on premiums without more analysis.”

It’s precisely this aspect of the law that non-partisan analysts have pointed to as a reason why Obamacare will drive up premiums.

Even Sebellius recently tried the same tactic, saying [pp] “ObamaCare just needs a new name, but it’s still good!”

You will see more Liberals trying this new talking point, but what you won’t get are real numbers of enrollees, what it’s costing, and how it’s really doing.


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