Luxury survival condos for multi-millionaires

How many brain-dead, bourgeois Liberals laughed at the Discovery channel’s show on depicting people prepping for the Apocalypse?
Not anymore. Check out these digs!

Paranoid rich fat cats in America are buying luxury underground apartments, called “Survival Condos.”

The complex is designed to house up to 70 people (ahem…Michelle Obama approved non-fatties) for up the five years of food, water, even entertainment.


Entertainment consists of a movie theater, library, and bar with lounge.

The apartments feature ultra modern designs that mimic sunshine, and video screens offer a change of scenery. Smaller apartments house up to five people while larger can house to up to ten residents.  Bathrooms come equipped with jacuzzi baths.

One set of apartments is located in a former weapons silo at a secret location near Concordia, KS, and these babies sell for a “dead broke” price between $1.5 million and $4.5 million. Apartments in one of the former silo’s two buildings have already sold out, and the second is currently under construction. Most buyers are said to fear government breakdown and civil unrest rather than nuclear winter.

The apartments come complete with access to a swimming pool, bar, movie theater and “hydroponic” vegetable garden. These apartments have a place for residents to walk their pets.

And if a resident gets out of control, the place has a “holding cell” until the miscreant can see the error of his or her ways. Likely to the chagrin of some Leftists, the place has a shooting range. It even has a rock climbing wall.

The marketing brochure describes itself as “Survival Bunker Security / Full Luxury Resort Living,” and it shows an image which appears to show a partially destroyed US Capitol Building.  It says:

“When anything is possible, preparation is peace of mind.”

These complexes were built in the 1960s at the peak of the Cold War, They were designed by the US military to survive a direct nuclear strike, and are as deep as 174 feet underground. Units are sealed with two armored doors, each weighing 16,000 pounds. The units have their own power station, a water supply with a 75,000 gallon reserve tank and air filtration designed to withstand nuclear, biological or chemical attack.

I mentioned the hydroponic garden, and there is even a fish farm. You still have to pay for products, and there is a general store.

There is a first aid center (that doesn’t accept ObamaCare), and a communication room in case the well-heeled residents want to reach out to other formerly wealthy survivors.  There is even a weather station, likely to know when the contaminated air has cleared.

While these mega-wealthy are lamenting their losses in their subterranean Utopia, they are comforted in knowing that the top of the silo is built of 9-foot concrete walls, which will be covered with a dome designed to survive winds in excess of 500 miles per hour.

Should Armageddon strike, owners will have to get to the local airport or anywhere else within 400 miles of the silo where they will be picked up by an armored vehicle. Can’t have those little people interrupting salvation!

Nevertheless, buyers include a Connecticut multi-millionaire who bought four floors of the silo and told the Wall Street Journal that he plans to invite his large family and several friends to stay with him should disaster strike. “I look at is as a life insurance policy,” he said.

Just a thought, but if I were security for a really rich guy and Armageddon was happening, I don’t think my rich fat cat would make it to Utopia.




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