Meet the Worker that works for LESS than minimum wage

For the people fighting for a minimum wage that they call a “livable” wage, your fight will end soon.

You can force the hand of innovators, entrepreneurs. These people are problem-solvers. And the problem of whiny ass low-level workers is an easy problem to solve.

Almost every menial job has gone by the wayside over the years, due to automation. Obama and his ilk constantly worry about who will pick America’s beans, when the answer is all around us. Automation. Robots.

And these new workers are only getting better.

The new worker doesn’t need an hourly wage, doesn’t complain, and is always on time. This worker will work overtime, and you won’t have to pay a premium. Holidays, no problem. No maternity leave, sick leave, bereavement or anything else. Just keep the lubricant flowing and give the worker the occasional down-time for maintenance and all is good.

Meet Faruc.

In the video it shows a simple layout procedure, but it could easily be changed to make a hamburger or whatever is necessary. It may take a few years to pay it off vs a worker, but let’s compare, shall we?

On a typical restaurant day, if you have one guy making burgers from 6 am to 1 am, we’ve got 19 man hours a day. At the $15 an hour “livable” wage, that’s $285 a day for one position, not including other perks employers pay on behalf of employees. At that rate, the employee cost over $100,000.

According to, the new robot arm costs between $50,000 and $80,000. So you will have made your money back in less than six to nine months.

Entrepreneurs are already doing the math, and the minimum wage cooks will be silenced in short order…pardon the pun.

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