Mike Brown becomes a VERB

The Left has given us terms like “the Lewinsky,” and even a new verb: to Gruber. But now there is a new term that has entered the lexicon.

The new term is “Mike-Browned,” as in a black teen asking a cop not to “MikeBrown” him.

That’s right, some blacks are using  the term “Mike Brown” when a cop in any way engages with them in any way.  The person, of course, put their “hands up.”

Here is the definition of “Mike Brown” (v):  to garner public attention by staging a fake video where a cop is supposedly harassing and/or threatening a person because of his/her ethnicity, mainly black; usually accompanied by putting one’s hands in the air.


From ijreview.com:

The security team at a Walmart in Pennsylvania called the local police department to report a potential shoplifting attempt, and officer Michael Manfredi responded to the call. Then things got a little crazy.

This video shows the interaction between the shopper and the officer and was filmed at the request of the suspect’s friend. Starting inside and then continuing outside, the officer repeatedly requested to see a receipt, in order to verify the purchase of all the goods in the basket. The shopper repeatedly refused and taunted the officer.

It’s clear that the suspect and the officer actually had met before, when the suspect refused to produce identification and said, “He knows who I am, he’s the arresting officer on one of my cases.”

At one point, out in the parking lot, he began chanting, “My hands are up! He’s trying to Mike Brown me! I’m scared for my life!”

In the end, the officer kept his calm and ultimately let the shopper go, all without ever actually having evaluated the receipt.


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