Obama solution for Ferguson: Watch the cops?!

How does a fraud who has provided America neither transparency or accountability, ask the police to provide the same?

And why is Obama focused on just the police?

It’s simple. The profit is with the squeaky wheel, which in this case is black Liberals agitators, quick to pass the buck, and blame cops for crime. If only cops would stop responding to crime, the stats would be GREAT!

Obama was all too happy to oblige the criminal element, announcing a proposal to wire the cops. How about Obama wire “bad neighborhoods” with close-circuit, high-def HD cameras?

And I’m not talking grainy convenience-store cameras, but the type of cameras that can count the hairs on your head from outer space. If cameras are good enough for cops, they should be good enough for criminals.

Let’s face it; Obama’s administration is watching everything else. Why not make it official?!

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