Obama’s feel-good Cuban oppressors

As reported in the Miami Herald, Obama’s latest move on Cuba almost killed 32 Cubans, and some are still missing.

Like his policy with Mexicans, Obama has incited hysteria in Cuba, because Cubans now believe they are free to come to America.


So when 32 Cubans boarded a boat to leave Castro’s oppressive Third World armpit, Cuba’s Coast Guard promptly rammed the vessel and sank it, according to a woman who survived and whose husband is missing.

Masiel González Castellano told reporters in a telephone conversation from Matanzas, Cuba, that her husband, Leosbel Díaz Beoto, is missing after falling from the boat that was repeatedly charged and hit by a boat manned by the Cuban Coast Guard.

“We were screaming and crying for help as the boat was sinking. But they ignored us. Instead, they continued charging against our boat. Some people dove in the water and others stayed aboard as the boat sank…They knew there were children aboard, but continued to charge against us. They didn’t care.”

The boat, said González, was carrying 32 people, including seven women and two children. One of the two children was her 8-year-old son. She added that the boat pilot “was from Miami.”

The group, González said, boarded the boat at around 4 a.m. Monday. After being hit on Tuesday morning, the Cuban Coast Guard rescued most of the survivors, who were then locked up by the State Security in Versailles, Matanzas.

González said she was released on Thursday night with the rest of the women and children. The men remain under custody, she added.

According to Ramón Saúl Sánchez, president of Democracy Movement, the people on the boat said the incident occurred in international waters at about 22 miles from Cuban territory. “This is not the way to deal with people who are just trying to flee a brutal tyranny,” he said.

This is the country with whom Obama wants a normalized relation, a country that is so restrictive, it will ram the boats of people trying to escape.


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