Obama releases six more terrorists: Want to know what it cost us?

Another bunch of terrorists are sitting pretty today, because of Obama.

Six cockroaches were given an all-expense paid trip to Uruguay’s welcoming arms.

Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica is the only one that will take them in, and one has to wonder what this cost the American taxpayers.


Congressman Mike Rogers, the Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee stated, “We’re going to pay a lot of money for these who take these particular prisoners.”

Technically, Congress requires the money is supposed to be used to keep tabs on the former detainees and to prevent the men from returning to their career of terrorism.  After all, 180 detainees released from Guantanamo Bay have returned to their career of terrorism, 30 have been found to be with ISIS.

Mujica let Obama know he has no intention of placing restrictions on the mobility of the six men: “The first day they want to leave, they can go.”

Here’s where the Hagel “resignation” comes in.

Even knowing this, the transfer was approved by Obama’s Guantanamo Review Task Force last spring, but Hagel held off on releasing them.  Unlike with some of the other Gitmo releases, Obama’s team could not use legal loop-holes to move out these detainees.

Hagel said:

“My name is going on that document; that’s a big responsibility.  What I’m doing is, I am taking my time. I owe that to the American people, to ensure that any decision I make is, in my mind, responsible.”

We assume the four Afghans who recently got approved to go by the task force will soon fly the coop.  Hagel had pushed back on their release, too; according to officials his decision was based on “inputs from commanders in the field, whose perspectives are not only greatly valued by the secretary but heavily relied upon.”


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