A pastor Obama would be proud of

Atheists practice the Religion of Nothing. From Big Bird to Big Bertha, pray to whomever or whatever you want.

Others have the  right to ignore the preaching of the Godless, as Amy Grant did at the Grammy’s, and so did members of a Florida city council.

The mayor and three Lake Worth, Florida city council members walked out on anti-theist Preston Smith’s invocation.

It’s easy to see why.


Not surprisingly, liberals have stated the officials showed a lack of respect for Smith’s beliefs.

Actually, these officials showed maturity in their actions.  Smith was given equal time to share his belief through the “prayer,” and the officials didn’t act like a bunch of babies, as Liberals would have. Rather than make a big scene, insult him, shout, yell, burn down buildings, loot businesses or call the nation to shut down schools and highways, they left the room.

Big government and ACLU have misconstrued the Freedom of Religion right and the ACLU will sue in a New York minute on behalf of secularists, particularly those who hate the Christians and Jews.



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