Peaceful protester arrested for setting fires

I know it’s hard to believe that a black Leftist would do anything unlawful, but the world is full of surprises.

A young black teen named Joshua Williams has made a name for himself by constantly getting involved in the “atrocities” of cops doing their jobs. He protested at the Michael Brown verdict, and yes, he even appeared at the “atrocity” where another cop did his job in Berkeley, MO.

Well he’s in a bit of trouble.


St. Louis County police arrested 19-year old Joshua Williams, of St. Louis, on Friday after several local media outlets and store surveillance captured images of him trying to set a pile of wood on fire outside the QuikTrip on North Hanley Road the Wednesday that Antonio Martin was shot.

Williams confessed to setting fires at the store in a videotaped interview, according to court documents.

Williams can be seen in videos both inside and outside the looted QuikTrip, authorities said.

Bleeding heart Liberal apologists are already setting the narrative for this latest cop “atrocity” of cops doing their job:

On Friday night and Saturday morning, a small group gathered at the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton to protest Williams’ arrest. Some were in disbelief over his reported confession and said the video images are not clear enough.

“Josh is one of the young activists, and all of us have taken close to him. We got to know his heart, and he got to know ours,” said Bishop Derrick Robinson, of Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International. “He’s a great kid, an educated kid, a child who knows what he wants and is very active in the community.”



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