Police: Why the Left must be stopped

After Ferguson, cops jobs have gotten more difficult, thanks to race pimps.

It’s one thing to ruin a group financially, as race pimps have done to Liberal blacks; but it’s another thing altogether to get people killed.

Post Ferguson, cops have same job, at the same pay, though as the shootings in NY City prove, their lives are more at risk.


Outside of political cover by politicians, the cops certainly haven’t been getting any kudos.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton, De Blasio, and all the Liberals who have supported them have blood their hands, as there is NO way to disassociate this shooting from the actions of the race pimps. Their lack of support for law enforcement led to the deaths of these two officers, and will undoubtedly lead to more.

The fallout may be worse for the Left than they ever anticipated, not that they anticipate anything except feeding their wallets. For now, they have managed to bury this in the news cycle. Which is part of the reason why there will be no vigils for these cops by the race pimps. They can’t showcase the true public sentiment, when the death of a cop is felt beyond the uniform. The grieving wives and children, family and friends.

I remember how I felt seeing Liu’s wife discussing the senseless death of her husband. No need to wonder why the media has been silent on that. The funeral of these cops eclipsed by Christmas. What kind of Christmas do you think the Liu and Ramos families had this year?

There will be no calls from the Left to WIRE THE CRIMINALS or make the streets MORE safe for cops to do their jobs.The Left will not convene at the White House to address the high crime rate among cops by criminals, nor will they address the high crime rate in general.

No, this Leftist act is being swept under that very large rug that Obama purchased especially for moments like this.

Notice that Holder didn’t declare this a “hate crime.” Imagine had a white man done what this anti-American, cop-hating, Muslim racist did, and how the media would have covered it.

Christmas be damned, a Tea Party man killed men in blue!!

The Leftist, cop-hating (unless they are needed to oppress law-abiding citizens) De Blasio, Obama and Holder will express sympathy, without condemning black criminals.

Sharpton will keep trying to extort Hollywood, because cop killings are NOT good for his business, and he knows his stench is all over these two murders.

Low lever race pimps will rationalize the death of these cops, saying it years of frustration born of slavery or the lack of civil rights; their hammock for all the bad things constantly being done and rationalized.

The killer will slowly melt onto page 18, because nobody wants to discuss how the origins of his act, which of course is LIBERALISM! Can’t have people understanding that black criminals actually DO commit these types of crimes.

Life will return to normal for the brain-dead left.


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