Bon Appétit, Seattle Liberals! Enjoy your crow!

Seattle Liberals served themselves a healthy helping of crow over their new minimum wage.

The city council had said there would be no unintended consequences of $15 per hour minimum wage, however they now wonder “if they have gone too far.”

The reason? Businesses are leaving, and that creating a void known as UNEMPLOYMENT!

No surprise to The Black Sphere team, as we reported back in July the folks in Seattle were stupid to think paying $30,000 (unburdened) to entry-level workers.

But if this isn’t bad enough, local socialists are demanding a Federal minimum wage mandate of $20/hr wage.

Liberals believe they can solve all problems with money; other people’s money.

Want some irony? The Freedom Socialist Party, the group behind this movement to set an example.  The group isn’t hiring at $20 an hour or even $15 hour.  They’ve got a help wanted ad for an experienced web developer at $13/hr.



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