Seen the “Sex Check” for teens from Planned Parenthood

Why do we bother with  pronouns,  since “he” or “she” has no place in the lexicon of the lunatic Leftists.

In these politically correct times, the zombies want Americans to believe that boys and girls are all the same.

In the progressive theory of evolution gender-neutral children begin as purple penguins and grow up to be gingerbread cookie big kids!

Planned Parenthood was invited to teach students at one northern California high school the birds, bees and more, and they gave 13 to 14 year old kids a “Sex Check!” The “Are You Ready For Sex?” booklet includes these statements:

  • Do you have water–based lubricants and condoms?
  • Can you handle a STD or pregnancy?
  • How and when to ask “Do you want to go back to my place?”
  • Be sure to ask your potential partner, “Is it OK if I take my pants off?”


According to the school kids could opt out (parents were not notified beforehand, though).  What young teenager would do that and risk being ostracized by their peers?

Parents believe, rightfully so, much of this should be taught at home so they could include ethics and personal values.  They know at this age kids are more likely to believe PP than their folks.

A group of mom and dads did ask PP to show them the presentation they do for kids.  PP has not responded.

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